The Passion Economy

I have been paying attention to alot of marcotechnological metatrends and really listening to what futurists and others have to say about how technology is digitally transforming all aspects of our society, particularly our economy. And I believe that we are currently in a transition from late-stage capitalism to techno-socialism. Although there are aspects of capitalism that are good and bad and there are aspects of socialism that are good and bad, we are heading towards a potentially very interesting type of society and economy. Make no mistake about it however, the next decade will be brutal for every job as hypercompetition, hyper-globalization, hyperautomation and hyperdigitalization soars as the pace of change continues to accelerate at a steepening pace of change. We are all going to have to navigate a massive transition or big shift in our economy especially in the next 2–3 years especially as the coronavirus pandemic accelerates forces of tech disruption significantly.

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