High Technology Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership Lessons from Nvidia's Jensen Huang

Jensen Huang, the founder/CEO of Nvidia has a vision of our accelerated computing, cloud connected, AI driven, robotic full-service future. Masayoshi Son, the Founder/CEO of SoftBank has even declared Jensen Huang the next Steve Jobs, perhaps comparing Huang’s helm at Nvidia to the late Job’s at Apple. So its no surprise then that Jensen Huang Ranked Top 3 in the Forbes Businessperson of the Year 2020 and that Nvidia was Ranked in 2021 Time’s Top 100 Most Influential Companies.

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Nvidia may seem like just a geeky computer hardware company that is building Artificial Intelligence solutions, however, I believe that Nvidia and it’s Founder/CEO’s Jensen Huang’s grandplans are much more audacious than it may seem on the surface.

In fact in 2016, Jensen Huang wrote a blog post about the potential of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and GPUs in general and of course within Nvidia’s ecosystem to transform computing and transform or disrupt every single industry from healthcare (with genomics + AI), to manufacturing (with robotics + AI) and automotive (with AI and autonomous-driving software in self driving cars).

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Yes, Nvidia is into GPUs however, it is quickly expanding into vertical after vertical and becoming what I believe is a Full-Stack IoT Giant. Nvidia’s control of GPUs, Artificial Intelligence Platforms, and acquisiton of Arm for its CPU/SoCs are just more and more vertically and horizontally integrated moves for its ultimatum. Complete domination of the Computing Industry and everything that drives the computing industry from cloud computing, to edge computing, to data centers, to networking, autonomous vehicles, gaming, robotics, and more. Nvidia is actively trying to control its entire distribution of integrated AI hardware and software.

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Jensen Huang has interesting tips and advice to current or future technology Entrepreneurs or CEOs about how to manage time, how to lead employees, how to be the “custodian of the culture” and how to survive in a competitive marketplace.