Leadership Lessons from Singularity University's Peter Diamandis

Dr. Peter Diamandis, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the XPrize Foundation and Singularity University is one of the greatest thought leaders and futurists of our time. He has several books from Abundance to The Future is Faster Than You Think and keynote speeches where he talks about the accelerating rate of change that humanity is undergoing in the 21st century, the reasons and factors for this change but also the practical implications for people, business leaders, politicians, educators etc of all this change and disruption. His focus is on applying exponential thinking and problem solving and leveraging the power of exponential technologies such as the internet and big data to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time from concerns over automation and the future of work to climate change, education, healthcare, poverty and infrastructure.

Advances in exponential technologies and digital infrastructure such as Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, 3D Printing, 4D Printing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Assistants, Genomics, CRISPR-Cas9, Digital Biology, Synthetic Medicine, Quantum Computing, Neuromorphic Computing, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Materials Sciences, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Flying Cars (VTOL), 5G Networks, 6G Networks, Trillion Sensors, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are converging and the rate of acceleration is itself accelerating in the age of digital transformation and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Exponential Technologies and Our Technologically Disruptive and Digitally Transformed Future

I think that his focus on upgrading our mindsets is critical especially in the digital age we are living in today because “the world is no longer local and linear, the world is now global and exponential” as Peter says because of how the internet and information technologies are disintermediating a lot of barriers of business making things both simpler and more convenient and also more complex and competitive and so are our challenges and opportunities in “the age of abundance”. So purpose becomes increasingly important and Peter stresses the value of having an MTP or a Massively Transformative Purpose if you are an entrepreneur so you have a northstar that motivates and inspires you to drive meaningful changes for the long-term.

Humanity will witness perhaps 300 years of change in the next 10 years and 1000 years of change in the next 20 years. People are biologically unable to process the nature of exponential change. Exponential change is what brought us to where humanity is today. We are at the juncture of profound technological change where the way we live and the lives we live will change at an accelerating rate of change as these fields start to intersect themselves and we start to build smart cities, smart homes, and a smarter more connected world. As our exponential digital technologies transform our society faster and faster, we transform faster and faster and our desires transform faster and faster along with our companies and institutions as well.

The rate of change is going to accelerate and is already accelerating faster and faster in the digital age. This creates both massive problems and opportunities. But the core of Peter’s message is that people and businesses who take the tidal wave of change, disruption and innovation seriously, adapt to it, pivot and change their mindsets to leverage this change both personally and professionally will be able to cocreate a better future and build a better, less polarized and more wealthy world. He also is very highly pro-entrepreneurship and believes that Hi-Tech entrepreneurs with the right mindset and tons of passion will be able to create greater abundance in the world.

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To understand exponential growth vs linear growth, please read Peter Diamandis’s tech blog posts on having an exponential mindset and understanding exponential growth in digital technologies, as well as Michael Simmons article on Ray Kurzweil’s explanations of exponential growth and a video of Moore’s Law Graphed over 5 decades. Please check out what Peter Diamandis has to say about Exponential Technologies and the 6Ds of Exponentials for a full-view picture of the transformation that we are going through and the threats to incumbents, laggards as well as the opportunities to the trailblazers and disruptive entrepreneurs and companies.

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